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A vineyard, people & the cevennes

In 1924, in Saint Maurice de Cazevieille, in the Gard between Nîmes and Alès, a dozen winegrowers quickly understood that only the union of energies and means would allow them to live from their work…

Resolutely turned towards organic farming with a dedicated cellar since 2017,
Saint Maurice is also the first cellar in the Gard to be certified Vignerons Engagés in 2014. “a global reflection on our practices: our impact on the environment, our economic sustainability, the link with our employees and our partners… constantly improving!

2 000 ha of vineyards

vigne or gauche

215 Winegrowers

vigne or gauche

49 municipalities affected

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IGP Cévennes

vigne or droite

600 ha in Organic Agriculture

Saint Maurice, the Piedmont of the Cévennes is the largest cooperative winery in northern Gard.

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