The 100 years

vignobles terroir

In 2025, Saint Maurice "Piedmont of the Cevennes" will celebrate a century of life.

100 years in the exercise of the same profession: the production of wine. Today, in addition to adapting its core business to the global wine market, the winegrowers of Saint Maurice “Piedmont of the Cevennes” are committed beyond this simple economic landscape.

To respect the heritage that has been entrusted to them, to perpetuate it in order to pass it on to future generations by being an actor in the challenges of their territory.

cercle or
le bazar de mon pere

A strong project to mark a century of existence

Thus, in 2021, the first sketches of the project “Le Bazar de mon Père” (My Father’s Bazaar) were born, a fiction/documentary film whose objective will be to showcase and shed light on the richness of viticulture and the human side of a living Cevennes territory, a source of emotions and inspiration, but also a generator of vocations.