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One Flew Over the Chardonnay

“One Flew Over the Chardonnay Nest” with a production of only 1,800 bottles, is a wine apart. Specially selected parcels are worked in organic farming, true jewels of our organic production.
It’s not so common to find organic Chardonnay and whites in general. The name “One Flew Over the Chardonnay” refers to the title of the universally known film and to the message it conveys: the madness of the system can be overcome by the richness, heart and work of sincere and generous men and women.

Varieties: Chardonnay

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Organic Collection

Le Temps des Châtaignes

Le Temps des Châtaignes? Do not be mistaken, this blend of Muscat and Grenache Gris does not necessarily go with chestnuts nor does it claim to be a powerhouse.

In fact, Le Temps des Châtaignes is all velvet and discreet charm. It brings to mind the sweet freshness at the end of an autumn day. This fresh and aromatic wine is a perfect match to serve with a lemon meringue pie still warm from the oven.

In short, good times!

Varieties: Muscat / Grenache Gris

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Organic Collection

Duché d’Uzès wines

Patrick Compan, cooperative winemaker at the Cave Saint Maurice, is the owner of parcels declared in AOP Duché d’Uzès du Mas Cabanel.

“It is my great grandfather who gave it this name, he spoke patois, the old cévenol French, so I’m a little lost on the meaning! Perhaps it comes from the word Caban, and therefore Cabanel as diminutive of shepherd’s cloak?”

My Duché wines are produced on a terroir of limestone marl at 150 m altitude while respecting the specifications of the AOP based on low yields in order to develop a high-quality wine.
Patrick goes further: no more herbicides and fertilizers are made of organic products so that the soil can express itself through these ancient grape varieties.

Rosé : Grenache, Syrah

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Organic Collection

BEL AIR– IGP Cévennes

Bel Air, a pure Pinot Noir from aparcel belonging to Vincent Trouillas, is a story of elegance. The challenge of this single vineyard wine: to combine a Mediterranean character and the search for the finesse and freshness of the Pinot Noir grape. Bel Air is savored in the image of Vincent, its vigneron: a straight wine, taut and structured underlying great finesse… A true character.

Variety: Pinot Noir


Organic Collection


“A la croisée des Gardons”, the living is good.
Small parcels in the natural setting of the Cévenoles where working the land and vineyards, maintaining trees and respecting wildlife makes it a small corner of paradise. “A la croisée des Gardons” brings together the advantages of good living and responsibility that the family of 3rd generation winemakers respect on behalf of balance and sustainability of this tiny corner of the planet.

Varieties: Merlot, Syrah


Organic Collection

PARADIGME– IGP Cévennes Rouge without added sulphites

A paradigm shift, in other words a fundamental change in the way of thinking, of production and
the quest for a new taste experience. It emphazises the search for a healthy balance that brings
into harmony the taste of the fruit, its freshness and its identity first, without added sulphites.

Varieties: Merlot


Organic Collection


The Climat Cévenol Bio range is the expression of a wine growing territory, that of Saint Maurice at the foot of the Cévennes.
Climat Cévenol is our terroir: sunshine and rainfall each year influence the quality of our harvest and, ultimately, our wines. These red, white and rosé wines are the result of an adaptation to the Cévenol climate, changing every year. Every vintage will be different, and the label will change as well.

Adapting to the environment and to its consumers, the Climat Cévenol range has been labeled “VEGAN” since 2017. The entire range is therefore produced without any animal or animal by-product.

Red: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Rosé: Grenache/Syrah
White: Chardonnay

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